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We created this home nestled on the Irish coastline, outside of Dublin, for a client who the firm had previously worked with to design their family residence in New England. One of the best parts of working in a new, distant location is the opportunity to work with local and regional artisans, artists, and makers and seeing them represented throughout the house. Time was of the essence with this project so we took an existing structure and rejiggered it on the inside. We took an 1980s style house and updated it to have a timeless feel. With the kitchen and family room being the most important rooms of the house to our clients, we paid careful attention to create spaces that are elegant and elevated yet highly livable. The house was selected for its idyllic location. The colors seen outside the windows served as the inspiration and were interpreted in subtle references to the exterior surroundings. The interiors we designed are site specific and they constantly change with the light which is something that happens on the coast of Ireland with each season.